Snösätra is an extraordinary place, nestled amidst nature, that has gained international recognition for its exceptional art painted on the walls. 

Originally a cottage located on the Älvsjö estate, now known as Rågsved in southern Stockholm. It dates back to the 17th century with written records from the year 1603 and has later given the name Snösätra to various locations in the area, including Snösätravägen and Snösätragränd.

Snösätra stands as one of Europe’s prominent platforms for urban art, boasting a unique combination of curated walls by established artists and free walls open for anyone to contribute. It is not just the last area of its kind in Stockholm; it is a true gem that holds significant value in Sweden, Europe, and the world, deserving careful preservation and protection.

Originally used as farmland, the area transformed into a military site during the Second World War and served as a refugee facility after that. Once the military left in 1958, the Stockholm municipality rented out available lots to storage companies, while the agricultural land around was left to flourish as a nature reserve.

In the 1960s, as Rågsved’s population grew, young locals began expressing themselves on the walls of Snösätra with graffiti and various messages. In the year 1999, the Swedish government implemented a zero-tolerance policy towards graffiti, which lasted for 15 years.  In 2014 – once the policy was lifted, a group of graffiti artists sought permission to paint the walls in Snösätra, leading to the vibrant art scene that exists here today.

The buildings of Snösätra torp, 1960s

(Wikipedia - Public Domain)

The buildings of Snösätra torp, 1960s

(Wikipedia - Public Domain)

Rågsved, 1965

Stockholms stadsmuseum

Important biotopes were discovered in the nature around here, which led to the classification as a nature reserve in 2018. Sadly, during 2020 – the southern parts of Snösätra got demolished for soil decontamination purposes and have been fenced off since then.

Kulturkvarter Snösätra drives the engagement in the area, nowadays. We host guided tours, arrange festivals, various events, maintain this website and communicate with partners & vendors. Our efforts are to encourage the growth of Snösätra, ensuring its legacy as a platform for artistic expression.

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